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A Guide to Jewish Funerals
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The Funeral Service

A funeral service falls under the guidance of k’vod ha-meit, or respect for the deceased. In accordance with Jewish law and custom, the burial should take place as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of death. When this is not feasible, one should complete the funeral arrangements as expeditiously as possible.

Most services take place in a chapel at the funeral home, as it is usually the most convenient, comfortable and dignified locale to eulogize and memorialize your loved one. However, in times where an alternative location, such as a synagogue or graveside service, might be more appropriate, our staff is here to advise and assist you.

In preparation for the service, you and your family will decide who will speak at the funeral service. If the Rabbi is the only speaker, your meeting with him or her will provide all the information necessary for the eulogy. If family or friends plan to speak, they will prepare their respective eulogies. It is very difficult and emotional to eulogize someone and brief and meaningful eulogies are most memorable.

The “average” funeral service, with only the Rabbi speaking, lasts 20-30 minutes. If others speak at the service, the length of the service may vary. If there are going to be additional speakers, we ask that you please notify the Rabbi and Sinai Chapels’ staff. While there is no prescribed “funeral attire,” you should wear something comfortable, yet appropriate for the funeral service.

On the day of the funeral service, the family should prepare to arrive at the funeral home approximately an hour before the scheduled start time of the service, which will begin promptly at the time designated. We ask that the family arrive early to take care of any unfinished paperwork, make an identification of the deceased and meet with and acknowledge family and friends attending the service.

Are You Interested in Preplanning Services?

Assisting with funeral preplanning is a specialty at Sinai Chapels. Our funeral directors are qualified and available to guide you through the many choices that make a funeral service unique and personal.