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Edward Ginsberg – Age 67
General Information
Edward Ginsberg – Age 67
Full Name: Edward Ginsberg – Age 67
Date of Death: April 5, 2021

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29 responses to “Edward Ginsberg – Age 67

  1. Mara Ginsberg says:

    Eddie was a gift of laughter, love and life to us all. His positive outlook and childlike love of every day life was infectious. Every time I’d call he answered with a cheerful “hey Cuz!!” That greeting, before even launching into hilarious stories, was enough to make me smile for hours or even days. It is indeed a rare gift to live in the moment, to truly appreciate the “little” things. These moments, these “little” things- that is what makes our lives rich, and Eddie just knew that. He learned from his amazing father to live fully, and with love and laughter. Humor in the Ginsberg family is what gets us through tragedy and if you don’t laugh you cry- so, as Eddie knew well, you may as well laugh, and you may as well share that gift and allow others to laugh with you.

    Eddie’s gifts of living in the moment every day is what allowed him to be successful. He accomplished so much in his short time, and he lived life on his own terms. Few people can truly say that they did what they wanted with their lives, when they wanted. Eddie did, and it made his and the lives of his family and friends full and meaningful.

    I will carry his cheerful “Hey CUZ” in my heart, and smile any and every time I think of him. He was a big brother to me for 62 years and I am the better person for his gift of life and love. Thank you my dear Eddie. You’re in my heart forever.

  2. The Colmans says:

    I got the news of Eddie’s passing, and I, in turn, informed the kids last night. We, the Colmans, share in your grief.

    I am not an “observant Jew” in the traditional sense, but I am in tune with the cultural and ethical wisdom that has been passed down through the generations. One of the “gems” is a Talmudic concept known as Tikun Olam, which scholars translate as the obligation of Jewish individuals to help “heal the world”.

    I don’t know if Eddie was familiar with this concept, or if he ever consciously endeavored to practice it. But you should know that with every act I observed from him over the 5 years since we all first met, I grew more and more convinced that he was one of those rare people who could effortlessly bring joy and healing to the world on even the smallest gesture of saying “hello”. Eddie was warm, kind, humble, virtuous, sincere, and so many other things….In lump sum…..A mensch in every definition of the term.

    We are so sorry for what you and Eddie endured over the past year together, and sorrier still for your loss. We are always here if/when you need anything!

    The Colmans

  3. Rachel Callahan says:

    I have been really struggling with the words for this. Yesterday, my Uncle Eddie took his last breath. He was so many things beyond being a beloved husband, brother and uncle.

    He was filled with love and kindness. He was a true comedian. Not just because he was on the Gong Show once, but because he would do anything for a laugh. I can’t remember a single conversation with him that didn’t include an impression of some kind. He was the BEST storyteller. I remember him putting the parrots on the phone to talk to me when I was little, and love that he eventually did the same thing over FaceTime with my boys.

    Eddie was a creator, an inventor, an author – always coming up with new ideas, creative ways to express himself – from creating a new way of playing chess, to writing a series of sci-fi novels.

    He loved baseball, as a player and as a fan – Orioles, whose games he could find on any radio as a kid, and of course the baseball pool he organized for years, including a classroom sized whiteboard in the dining room. It was like fantasy baseball without an app, or even the internet!

    But more than all of this, he loved his family and his friends. He always took the time to let people know that he was thinking of them, that he cared about them. Eddie’s sickness has been heartbreaking for all of us. The only bright spot in all of this is that he is no longer in pain. There is a hole in our hearts, in our family. It is hard today, but, in time, I will do my best to fill that hole with laughter and smiles, because I know that is what my Uncle Eddie would want.

  4. Karen Aisenberg says:

    Dear Linda,

    With heartfelt sympathy to you on the loss of your beloved Eddie. Hoping that the memories of a wonderful life shared together will help get you through this darkest hour.

    Karen Aisenberg

    • Linda says:

      Thank you.

  5. Rita and Murray Borsuk says:

    Eddie and Linda were the perfect couple. It was always a pleasure to see them interact with each other. Eddie will be missed by many people.

    We became friends with him at the pool club. Murray loved playing paddle ball with Ed and said he was the best player. Ed was great to talk to and would listen to what everybody had to say. He was good hearted, and would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. His jokes were great and he always had a smile on his face. Please take care, Linda. Rest In Peace dear friend.

  6. Ginny Choy says:

    Dear Linda,
    There are no words that could take your pain away. But just want you to know that you are in my prayers. Eddie is going to be missed. He was always a fabulous friend and neighbor. May he rest in peace.

  7. Alberto Cabra says:

    We pray: “May his memory be a Blessing”, and we try to go on with life after a dear one leaves this Earth. For us, the Cabra family, Eddie has been a great Blessing, ever since we met in 1991: Great next door neighbor, great teacher to Eric and Brian, great companion at the pool, the best friend anyone could ask for, the man with an exemplary heart and soul. Impossible to mention thirty years of memories, but they will always remind us of Eddie and will inspire us to be like him. His melodic “Hello Rosa and Alberto”, his teaching the kids to play at the pool club, our outings and celebrations, his smile when he named two characters Alberto and Cabra, his sense of duty and humor, his love for Linda, his accomplishments and his mastery of everything he did, just because he could and wanted to do it. The last time we saw Eddie, he smiled and said: “I’ve had better days”. And today, as we mourn his earthly departure, we are grateful to Eddie, for he gave us better days with his life. Rest In Peace, dear friend. TIME WILL TELL that your life and all the memories you’ve left us are a Blessing to us.
    With Love,
    The Cabra Family

  8. Inez Levy says:

    I’m so sorry Eddie has died. May time and prayer help to heal your grief.

  9. Geri says:

    Dearest Linda,

    I’ll always remember the kindness and love you and Eddie showed me when I stayed with you for a few days in Queens many moons ago. Eddie and I got tipsy (well, maybe more than tipsy) on his incredible tequila, the best I’ve ever had. What a wonderful, talented, caring person. Sending lots of love.

  10. Linda says:

    When I met Eddie at a party given by my college roommate, Barbara Freeman, in November of 1978, he made an immediate impression on me. First, he calmly extinguished a grease fire in the kitchen while everyone else ran around in chaos. So, calm under pressure. Second, he insisted on memorizing my phone number – 762-0315 – instead of writing it down (which he did only later, with notes mentioning me as a “cute blonde”). So, with a steel-trap mind. He asked Barbara what I liked to do and she said Broadway shows. For our second date, he took me to see “Beatlemania” (not exactly legitimate theater) and he parked near the Port Authority which was a very sketchy neighborhood. I grabbed onto him as we walked to feel safe. So, very strategic.

    He promised me I would never be bored with him and I never was. He was a non-stop source of humor, impressions, and movie quotes. He was extraordinarily gifted in athletic skill and had an unbounded genius for creativity. He was a persuasive and successful salesman and business owner. Eddie always insisted on being early for any appointment because, as a salesman, he never wanted to be late. He definitely got me to be more prompt than was my natural inclination. He was the master of time management; I was the master of space management.

    To list his many endeavors is mind-boggling: BA in Anthropology, SUNY New Paltz, scouted for Major League Baseball by the Tigers, sold exotic reptiles, life insurance, tags & labels & related technology for Soabar, later Avery-Dennison, later his own business, The Label Man, performed on The Gong Show with a Groucho Marx impression and on the single record, “Billy, See” as the voice of Jimmy Carter, wrote sitcom scripts, one sold to “All in the Family” and jokes for comedians, most notably Rodney Dangerfield, wrote the famous Saturday Night Live spoof ad in season one of the circumcision in the luxury automobile, invented Super Chess, a Games Magazine top 10 strategy game of 1987, and fantasy baseball before the Internet, successful day trader, and as his last creative project, he wrote the seven book Time Will Tell science fiction series as Eddie Upnick.

    He was a constant source of support for his mom, Shirley, after his dad died in 1976. And he was a tower of strength for me through our 39 years of marriage. He rooted me on and taught me how to bet strategically when I was on Jeopardy! Eddie and I exemplified the paradigm, “opposites attract”, after all, I was on Jeopardy! and he was on the Gong Show. We were so very different in our interests, as anyone could tell you. We laughed, we danced, we played platform tennis and ping pong, we traveled, even though he always said “hanging out beats working out” and would have preferred to stay on the couch, watching his favorite recorded vintage shows and sports. But when he was playing sports, he was indomitable. A sport with a ball was his bailiwick. Unless you got him mad, he was a true sportsman, a gentleman on and off the court or field. And he was generous with his time, allowing me to play platform tennis with him and the guys. I got to be pretty decent.
    The stack of cards, letter, & emails received from colleagues from years ago, friends, relatives, and neighbors attest to his remarkable character. A true mensch, a stellar human being who was loyal, generous, intuitive, and first and foremost funny. All it took was one meeting to love him. He was truly adored by all, but especially by me, Lloyd, Karen, Rachel, Tim, Finnegan, Donovan, Marc, Mary, Joyce, and his uncle, cousins, and second cousins, and Barney, our parrot, and maybe even the two tortoises, Sheltok and Clem. He leaves an un-fillable hole in our hearts. But he would want us to remember not the torturous year from hell, but his remarkable one-of-a-kind, larger than life, existence. And please let me know if you need a pen.
    Please donate in Eddie’s memory to: Help Us Fight for Riaan to help fund the medical care of my friends, Jesse and Karin’s DiGeorge darling grandson, Riann who has a rare genetic disease. https://gofund.me/071a1d7e

  11. Beth Dalheim-Van Doren says:


    We are so sorry for the loss of Eddie. To our family he was this great hero we couldn’t wait to meet!

    He made my sister laugh! And we loved to hear “Eddie” stories!

    My dad loved talking to him on the phone and thought he was such a great guy! And that right there says a lot!

    Eddie picked out movies to enrich the mind of my son. No further comments needed here.

    And he named a character in one of his books after us!

    But what I will cherish most is his kindness toward my nephew in his darkest days. There was something that was genuinely good about him. Eddie Ginsberg was our super hero.

    Please know you are in our thoughts, prayers and heart.

    Love to you,

    Beth Dalheim-Van Doren

  12. Mary Rivero says:

    Dear Linda:
    Words have all been said eloquently, but from my 💜 heart my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Ed will be missed. I have a tape of Ed at his funniest, and in that tape he will live forever. God bless you. Love, Mary

  13. Daniel S Sapon says:

    My beloved First Cousin Eddie. I shall write more later. How incredibly important you have been in my life and the lives of my children. So treasured; so greatly missed. a complete A to Z of delight and achievement and personal qualities: from Athletics and Archaeology and Anthropology Affection through Zany sense of Humor. What a WRITER — WHO HAS MADE HIS MARK – A UNIQUE VISION, A FIERCELY ORIGINAL THINKER. DEEP MORAL SENSIBILITIES, PROFOUND WISDOM, AND RELENTLESS ENERGY PERVADE HIS WRITING. So much to admire and appreciate. More to follow, my heart goes out to Linda, and to all our family, friends and others – to all who mourn him. With love, Cousin Danny

  14. Sally Balinsky says:

    I was so sad to hear of Edward’s passing. I did not know he was ill until a few weeks ago. I regret that I did not keep in better touch with the family. I loved his writing and his sense of humor. He will be missed.
    My sincere condolence to Linda and the family.
    Sincerely, Sally

  15. Stephen Sparrow says:

    I do not think there will be another Eddie – Gifted, smart, and a wonderful friend.

  16. Rich Levy says:

    After watching Eddie’s moving funeral service online, I was compelled to offer a few reminiscences. Eddie and I met in the late 1960s, through mutual friends who all lived in the same neighborhood in Queens. We remained as close friends over those more than 50 years, even after my life’s journey had taken me out of New York.

    From our earliest days as friends, we were tightly linked through our love of sports. Having read and heard so many of his family and friends remark about Eddie’s athletic skills and talents, I wanted to share a few stories as his frequent teammate and sports competitor.

    Along with two other of our sports buddies, we called ourselves the “A” players in basketball, because that was how we saw ourselves in the sports domain. One year, all four of us decided to play together as the Rubber Lite Bulbs team in an intramural college basketball league at Queensborough Community College, despite two of us not even attending that school. Nobody ever asked us for ID. Somehow, we won the league championship by beating the Black Pearls, the winning team from the prior year. And I still have that championship plaque displayed in my house. Over the ensuing decades, Eddie and I would often reminisce about that game and with eidetic memory recall the key plays in our come-from-behind victory.

    Having stayed in touch with Eddie during the last year, and being well aware (as an oncology physician, myself) that his time was running short, I last spoke with him about a month ago. In our parting conversation, Eddie and I recalled that in our late-teen years and early-20’s, we had never lost a single game of touch football when we played on the same team in our weekend games at the JHS 67 schoolyard — about 100 games over those 5 years or so. I had realized that this phone conversation might be our last one, and I wanted him to know that his old friend and teammate from younger days still remembered the special sports events which we had shared.

    Transitioning to non-sports, we were frequent guests at each other’s family house, attended the same parties and concerts, and not infrequently took a few puffs from the same pipe. My daughter Victoria, who had met Eddie only a few times, had an immediate appreciation and recall of his humor, commenting about that whenever she knew that I had been in touch with him. And my wife Donna remembers fondly the times we visited Eddie and Linda (and their parrots) in their apartment during our vacation trips back to NYC.

    I could go on for quite a while with more of these memories, but I just wanted to share these few. May he rest in peace, and may Linda find comfort as time passes.

    Serenity now,


  17. Claire Donitz says:

    Ed Ginsberg was a one-of-a-kind man.
    He was bright, and a person who will not be forgotten by those who knew him. He was a good friend.

  18. Theodore B Hutt says:

    We are very sorry for the loss of Ed. I have known him for a long time, and he was one of my oldest and closest friends. We went to Little League together, and he lived on the next block in Little Neck. I will remember the sporting events we played, the concerts we went to, the Strat-O. I can’t believe he’s gone. Much love to Linda and Ed’s brother Lloyd and his family. Ed will truly be missed by everyone who knew him.

  19. Bruce Kauffman says:

    Linda, sorry for your loss. Eddie was a great presence in everyone’s lives. I would run into him at random times through the years, as my brother’s friend, as the label man, and as the futuristic author. Fascinating guy. I enjoyed the great tribute this evening that you orchestrated for us about him via zoom!

  20. Matthew Lydon says:

    It’s said that we are measured by the lives we touch. Ed touched so many lives, and we are all the better for having known him. So Ed’s legacy is to live in our hearts forever.

  21. Herb and Edie Hirsch Apt.2E says:

    So sorry for your loss. He will be missed.

  22. Scott Schwartz says:

    I met Eddie many years ago at the pool club we both go to. He was the only person that gave me a really tough challenge while we were playing platform tennis or ping pong. The battles we had were great. He was gracious enough to always talk to me about a book he was writing, a script he was creating, and wasn’t afraid to ask for input. He always had a great story to be told. I remember him telling me about his exploits with Andrew dice clay. We would always commiserate together about our fantasy football teams, and I’m grateful he let me join his league. He will be missed. Rest in peace my friend.

  23. Mark Drabkin says:

    I’m so so sorry to hear of Eddie’s illness and passing.

    I’m exactly his age & grew up with him – elementary through high school, and he was one of the nicest guys I knew during that time.

    We weren’t in contact as adults, with a few exceptions.

    Sometime in our early 20’s I remember getting a call from him. He was selling insurance at the time, & while I wasn’t in a position to become a client, we had a really nice “catch up on life” conversation.

    A few years later, I ran into him one night in a bar in Great Neck (a place called McDonnells). We had a fun conversation (for about a half hour), a lot of which was about how bad the Mets were at that time & how he felt that he was a better pitcher than several individuals on the Mets pitching staff. As I, at the time, had recently given up on pursuing a sportscasting career, the common interest made for some good conversation.

    In much more recent years, I learned through the “ old neighborhood grapevine” that he had become a SciFi author.
    At the time, “Time will Tell” had just come out, so I ordered & read it, finding it to be an original and intriguing concept.

    I posted a complimentary review on his page, & added that he should let me know if he was ever coming to LA, & he said he would.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the zoom funeral. Right now, your niece Rachel is kindly trying to find out if it was recorded/archived? Hoping I might still get a chance to view it.

    In any case, he went way too young, and you & your family have my deepest condolences.

  24. Barry Cohen says:

    Eddie was my closest friend and his loss is devastating. I met Ed at about age 16 and we quickly became close friends. I still remember Ed and I getting thrown out of class on our first day of college at Queensborough C.C. I recall the two of us sitting on the floor outside the class going “Really good start to our college careers”. I guess doing cartoons was probably not the best idea while attending Sociology class.

    I didn’t see Ed as much since moving out to the boondocks of LI.
    But I spoke with him on a daily basis as we mostly discussed stocks, sports, and politics. Ed was a great partner in our 25 year baseball pool and most recently the fantasy football pool. We could spend hours a day strategizing and talking sports in general. As many of you know, I would often drive Ed crazy with my tantrums over FF losses which in hindsight was truly ridiculous. Ed would scold me but being the true loyal friend he always was, he tolerated it.

    There are so many great things to say about Ed, the list is endless. Always there to support me emotionally, especially when I tragically lost my wife Nina 3 years ago. Ed helped so many friends and family, he was truly the guy who would “give someone the shirt off his back”. There was nobody funnier or kinder than Ed.

    There are really no words to express the pain of losing my buddy.
    The world will never be the same again with his loss but is such a better place from his being here.

  25. Barbara Bennett says:

    He will be missed by so many. I only knew Eddie for a brief time. He was always funny & had a love for animals. As stated above, he was kind & loving. He left this world too soon.
    Always in my heart ❤️

  26. Mara Sapon-Shevin says:

    Oh my sweet cousin Eddie. You were my “little” cousin by two years and I felt like you were my little brother. We played baseball and shared that passion. I wanted to be a pitcher —- you thought that was a fine idea. You and I ran around your house when we would visit — me chasing Lloyd and trying to kiss him and you chasing us both. Your winsome smile was unique. I am so sorry this last year was so horrible and I wish I had known more about the struggle so I could have supported you more.
    We are now the Seven Cousins instead of the Eight Cousins and your death diminishes us all.

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