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Honoring Jewish Tradition

A traditional Jewish funeral honors the deceased with dignity and respect.

It is customary in the Jewish religion for a funeral to take place as soon as possible, often within one day of the death and for the Chevra Kadisha, or “Holy Society” to prepare and care for the deceased. Members of the Chevra Kadisha follow the rites of traditional Jewish burial. The deceased should be cared for by a shomer, or watcher. The shomer recites Psalms as they watch over the deceased from the time of death until the burial.

The members of the Chevra Kadisha also perform a tahara for the deceased, which is a ritual cleansing and purification. They also prepare the deceased for burial. There are four members of the Chevra Kadisha who perform the tahara and prepare the deceased, with men washing and preparing men and women washing and preparing women. Our facilities are equipped with a mikvah, where the tahara takes place.

Following this ritual purification, the deceased is dressed in a handmade shroud, which signifies simplicity and dignity. A man will also be wrapped in his talis. Sinai Chapels works closely with the Chevra Kadisha to ensure Jewish traditions are properly performed and upheld during this time.

Sinai Chapels professionally assists all Jewish families, from the most halachically observant to the completely secular.
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