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Can You be Buried in a Jewish Cemetery with Tattoos?

9 responses to “Can You be Buried in a Jewish Cemetery with Tattoos?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for exposing this harmful myth.

  2. Alan M Koch says:

    I do agree. I dont have markings on my body or piercings. I’m a proud Jewish Army Veteran.

  3. Michael john wood says:

    What if you have it removed in good faith, but it leaves a scar in its place?

    • michael says:

      You can be buried in a Jewish Cemetery regardless if you have tattoos or not. Although it is considered desecration of the body to have tattoos, they are no longer prohibited however certainly not encouraged.

      • Shanel says:

        Who says it’s not banned anymore ?

  4. Jim Bowman says:

    I got a tattoo at 56 years old (a few weeks ago) in support of my 24 year old sons cancer. It’s a yellow ribbon (his cancer color) with his name in it. The joy he felt when he saw it, means more to me than anything.

  5. Janice Menapace Gittino says:

    I am Christian but the issue of tattoos reminds me of the Commandment against graven images. When it came time to build the Temple there were graven images but they were sacred images. Perhaps there can be sacred tattoo images that God will not disapprove of,like the Star of David or the son’s cancer fighting ribbon. You think?

  6. Phyllis Factor says:

    If this was fully followed, wouldn’t it mean that cataract surgery, knee and hip replacements, tonsillectomies, all surgical repairs requiring any kind of metal, breast reconstruction after cancer, etc., would be unacceptable?

  7. rlind says:

    Yes my uncle was buried in a Jewish cemetery and he had tattoos

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