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What is a Jewish Funeral?

Jewish law and tradition have endowed the funeral with profound religious significance. A Jewish funeral should in every respect express the dignity, sanctity and modesty of a solemn religious service.

There are two important principles in the Jewish faith regarding death and mourning. The first,k’vod ha-met, requires that the body be treated with the utmost of respect from the time of passing until burial is completed. The second is the idea that death is a natural process, a normal part of the life cycle. We do our best to comfort those in grief, and to help them honor these two principles.

Sinai Chapels is uniquely equipped to compassionately and professionally assist all Jewish families, from the most meticulously halachically observant to the totally secular. We specialize in assisting you in creating a service that includes the observances and rituals most appropriate to you and your loved one. Whatever the level of religious observance of your family, our family has devoted three generations to offering services that are ceremonially correct, appropriate to the family, and dignified in every detail. In all cases, we offer each family the opportunity to decide what degree of tradition is comfortable for them.

We believe that a funeral service should help communicate the story of the life that has been lived, as well as help the family begin to find some modicum of consolation. Your personal choices are very important to us. Our desire is to help you coordinate the most meaningful service possible for your loved one. Please feel free to discuss any special preferences you may have.